Why your software engineering metrics may be worthless

Every day in New York City, the Department of Transportation records the number of street lights that are reported to have issues. An issue could be that bulbs are out, wiring is exposed, a light is aimed in the wrong direction. And over the past week, there were 1,355 reports of street light related issues. […]

Most software engineering leaders overlook this one big thing

A manager helping an engineer

We’ve talked to hundreds of software engineering leaders and asked them about the issues they faced running both large and small teams. What they reported broke down into six categories. Three of the categories related to issues with completing software engineering work and the characteristics of the completed work:       1.  The pace […]

How being forced to optimize software delivery led me to found Treno

Most corporate board meetings are a well-choreographed dance between the divisional execs in a company and the members of the board, people who have been there and done that and show up quarterly to share their knowledge. Regardless of the type of company – public, private, enterprise or startup – board meetings are all pretty […]