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Life Cycle

Release more software faster by identifying and predicting software delivery issues and making data-driven engineering decisions.

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Improve how you
deliver software

Software delivery can easily get off track and with so many teams, tools and processes it can be tough to figure out why.

Most analytics tools overwhelm you with complicated metrics, focus on what’s already happened, and don’t give you observability into how your software projects and teams are performing now.

Treno gives you the insight and guidance to release faster and deploy more while maintaining quality and optimizing your engineering spend.


Fully observe software delivery
in one place

  • Examine software development speed, quality, output, and developer health
  • Discover your software delivery baselines so you know what’s normal for you
  • View how your software projects and teams are performing now, not after the fact

Deeply understand what drives performance

  • Get insight into when and why software delivery issues occur
  • Identify and predict delivery issues so they can be fixed before they impact production
  • Plan better and make engineering decisions based on past and current performance

Improve software development outcomes

  • Release more software without sacrificing quality or developer health
  • Better take advantage of market opportunities by delivering software faster
  • Increase revenue by frequently releasing features that drive customer value

Optimize & Succeed

Save money by
doing more with less

  • Cut costs by optimizing software delivery processes and improving your SDLC
  • Hire and allocate software development resources more efficiently
  • Reduce time and budget overages on software projects, even with fewer resources

Link engineering performance to business success

  • More effectively establish, track, and achieve strategic engineering goals
  • Improve collaboration with business teams by making software delivery more predictable
  • Track how engineering teams contribute to reaching business objectives

Connect all your SDLC tools and monitor software delivery performance in one place

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